Why Weight Ireland



The Why Weight Ireland studio is run by the founder of Why Weight Ireland, Hannah Nolan. Hannah has become one of Wicklow’s top runners taking the Bronze Medal in the Leinster Road Race Championships and also winning the Novice & Intermediate County Cross Country Championships.

Hannah, who herself lost over 7 ½ stone, set up Why Weight Ireland in 2012 to help others battle their weight problems without having to get involved with fad diets

The Why Weight Ireland studio offers everything you need to be successful at losing weight: private weigh-ins, consultations, fitness classes including Zumba, personal training, team training and more. Members of the online Why Weight Ireland Food & Exercise Diary receive reduced class rates as well as free private weigh-ins including measurements as well as free consultations.a226b64e-e3fc-424d-993a-caefc4c9bce0


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