Tomnafinnoge Woods








Just a couple of miles outside the town of Tinahely, Tomnafinnoge Wood is a special area of conservation. This ancient woodland will bring you back in time. Giant oak trees dominate but you will encounter plenty more trees and plants on these walks. Tomnafinnoge Woods offer three different walks of varying distance. The most popular is the River Walk of 2km (4km both ways). Shorter walks are the Oak Walk, 3.2km, and the Hazel walk, only 1.3km. Both of these walks go around in a loop.

The woods are suitable for all walkers and provide a wonderful amenity for families. The forest itself, and the Derry River which meanders through it, teem with wildlife, kingfishers, frogs, brown trout, deer and even the elusive woodpecker have all been heard and seen in the forest.  There is ample car parking and the three trails are clearly signposted. The car park also serves this end of the Railway Walk, a linear walk that takes you 2.3km back towards Tinahely.

Beautiful Views of  Tomnafinnoge Woods

Tomnafinnoge Woods 2

Tomnafinnoge Woods 1