The Courthouse Arts Centre



Closing January 4th.


TUESDAY – SATURDAY. 10.0 – 4.0 PM.

Following a year-long residency in the Courthouse Arts Centre, ‘’sapling ‘ presents on-going work focusing on the local oak forest, Tomnafinnoge Woods by visual artist 1iing Heaney.

A product of current conservation, Tomnafinnoge Woods remains as one of the last mature ancient oak forests in Ireland. Using the emerging technology of 3D object scanning and CGI film, sapling imagines a parallel growth of these Woods, evolving through digital preservation.

Spanning multiple screens, the CGI film fragments, disperses, and imagines a digital life that organisms such as trees may evolve into. sapling details what data is taken and what is left behind when world-building new digital spaces. This exhibition encourages viewers to consider the parallel lives that organic lifeforms take on when digitised.

“Sapling” is the first presentation with the Courthouse Arts Centre of ongoing research into digital preservation of organic, cultural, folk, and historic objects.



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