ReWild Wicklow Event


ReWild Volunteers Wanted.

Wildflower Scything and Seed Collection Day at Wild Acres Nature Reserve.

Saturday 23rd September, 10 am.

Wild Acres Nature Reserve, Scratenagh, near Arklow.

Hi all ReWild volunteers

On Saturday 23rd September we will return to the beautiful Wild Acres Nature Reserve run by Gilly Taylor and Brian O’Toole. This time we will be helping with scything their large wildflower meadow, using the cuttings to mulch around trees, collecting wildflower and tree seeds and preparing them for next spring.

This will be a great day for anyone who wants to learn more about sowing and maintaining your own meadow and growing wildflowers and trees from seed.

They will have 6 scythes and 4 hay rakes on the day and volunteers will be able to learn how to use them and take turns. If anyone has a scythe or hay rake they can bring themselves that would be great help! And there will be plenty of different types of work for everyone else.

You can find out more about the nature reserve below.

If you are free to join us, email




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