New Speed Limits for Schools


Wicklow set to be the first county to introduce 30 km periodic speed limits outside all schools from August.

August will see the introduction of periodic 30km/h speed limits outside every one of the 102 schools in the county – the first local authority in the country to introduce such a measure.

As a result of these changes, the most vulnerable road users will find themselves in a safer environment.

By ensuring that cars travel at lower speeds, the front of school area will be a much calmer and welcoming place for children and their parents who choose to walk, cycle or scoot to school.

Studies have shown that pedestrians have a 90 per cent chance of surviving after being hit by a car or a truck going at 30 km/h, but less than 50 per cent at 50 km/h or higher. Existing speed limits in the vicinities of County Wicklow’s schools varied from 50km up to 80km per hour.

The safety of all children is paramount and the introduction of these new periodic speed limits will signal the intention from Wicklow County Council to motorists that they need to slow down, particularly in the vicinity of school zones.



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