Fair Seas Webinar



Fair Seas Ocean Literacy Survey.

Thursday 28th September.

7 PM.

We’re back with our first webinar after the summer break. The Irish Wildlife Trust, Fair Seas and Dr.Emma McKinley will be on to speak about Ireland’s Ocean Literacy Survey.

We will be hearing about the much anticipated results of the Fair Seas Ocean Literacy Survey of which nearly 1,300 Irish citizens had their voices heard. Preliminary results show that Irish people have a deep connection to the ocean as well as a great concern for its health and we will delve deeper into this and what it means for marine governance.

Dr. Emma McKinley is an expert in marine social sciences and sits on the Global Ocean Literacy Expert Group run by the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission. She has led research on ocean literacy across the UK, as well as working in South Africa and Nigeria. Her research focuses on understanding the complex relationship between society and the sea, taking account of diverse types of perceptions, attitudes and values held by different communities.


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