Green Homes Project

Green Homes

What is Green Home?

Green Home is the perfect way for you to check how efficiently you are currently running your home. This can help you to plan how to improve your environmental behaviour and choices.

With a combination of tips, advice and our unique Green Home survey, we have made it easy for you to “green” your home.

Green Homes Save Money

On average participants who engaged with the Green Home programme save €320 per annum on their energy, transport and waste bills. Plus, the average household electricity cost saving from a Green Home energy awareness project resulted in a saving of €257 per annum. Further savings can be made on food waste/food purchasing, estimated at up to €1,000 per year for an average family (Stop Food Waste).

Green Home Surveys

We have designed 2 surveys for you to check how sustainably you are living. 

The Quick Green Home Survey

will give you a snapshot of how you are doing. We encourage everyone to take 5 minutes to register and complete the full Green Home survey,

which will give you a baseline score of how sustainably you are running your home.

Most people use this information to change some of their behaviour; many utilise the 

Green Home Action Plans  and advice to do this. The idea is that no less than 2 months after completing the full survey, you log in to take the same survey again – you can then compare the new scores with the baseline scores and see how and where you have improved. This is particularly effective for groups – as people can see both their individual and group scores.

The Tinahely Tidy Towns committee encourage everyone to register on the website and take the small survey they have there. The instructions on how to complete this can be found here:

  1. Log onto
  2. Click on register (right-hand side)
  3. Enter details as per screen,
  4. Select Wicklow from County drop-menu;
  5. Select Tinahely County Wicklow, Tidy Towns group from the next Wicklow Groups drop-down menu;
  6. Click on ‘Create New Account’

Each new member needs to take a note of their Username and Password. Once a member please complete the simple online Pre Green Home Survey and avail of the online resources, tips and ideas about ways to save money on the themes of Waste, Energy, Water and Transport and at the same time help to protect the environment.


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