Tinahely Christmas Lights

XmasLX1Winter 2010-2011: The Christmas Lights Committee would like to thank the following people.

Those who put up the lights in such bad weather ; Jim Whelan, Pat O’Toole John Quinn, Dick Barton, Alan Ross, Andrew Murray, Guy Davis, Jim Coogan, Johnathan Mullen Willie Rooney, Tom Doran and all the others. Also to our Chairman for running up and down the ladder so many time – the one – the only – Damo!!!! Thanks also for taking all the lights down again and leaving the town safe and tidy.

For the power points : Pineto, Green Cuisine, Chambers, Centra, Pat O’Kelly and Dennis (Black Toms).

For their sponsorship: Aresto; Automatic Plastics Ltd.; Ronnie Jacobs; Ed – Clinical Care (Pharmacy); Lorraine Gillick, Solicitor; Joe Hayden; Fiona Mallick; E.M.O – Maureen Hadden; Vinnie Blake; Elaine – Square Barbers.

Our many thanks to
Siofra Gallagher for co-ordinating the choir service under such bad weather conditions and to all the teachers whoXmasLX2 got the children ready for their wonderful performance. Also our thanks to the parents who took the time to take their children out to participate. Our thanks also to the priests and the rector for coming along to bless the crib. A round of applause for the children who sang so beautifully, making this service a
joy for everyone. Kieran Fitzgerald did a wonderful job with the sound, so thank you Kieran.

Our thanks also to all of you who contributed in the boxes around the town. Considering the weather conditions we think that a very good job was done and we hope that you all enjoyed the festive display that was created for the town. Cheers and a HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all, Christmas Lights Committee.

XmasLX3This is one of Tinahely’s great community projects. From ordering all the small trees for the brackets on the walls of the streets to testing bulbs and climbing ladders on cold Saturdays, it’s all up and down to volunteers.

It was rather cold in Dec 2009/Jan 2010 but the lights still went up and got taken down again. We volunteers just had to rub our hands together a bit more often.

The only thing that the volunteers can’t do is invent money. It costs quite a bit every year and we are grateful to the generosity of most of the people in the community who contribute but also very much to our sponsors.