Tinahely Tidy Towns

Tinahely Tidy Towns is active and engaged, and every year brings new successes in this important national initiative.

The current Chairperson is Rory MacDermott.  If you would like to get involved in any way, drop a mail to info@tinahely.ie and we will make the connection.
The Tinahely Tidy Towns committee encourage everyone to register on the www.greenhome.ie website and take the small survey they have there. The instructions on how to complete this can be found here:

  1. Log onto www.greenhome.ieTidy Towns Logo
  2. Click on register (right-hand side)
  3. Enter details as per screen,
  4. Select Wicklow from County drop-menu;
  5. Select Tinahely County Wicklow, Tidy Towns group from the next Wicklow Groups drop-down menu;
  6. Click on ‘Create New Account’

Each new member needs to take a note of their Username and Password. Once a member please complete the simple online Pre Green Home Survey and avail of the online resources, tips and ideas about ways to save money on the themes of Waste, Energy, Water and Transport and at the same time help to protect the environment.

Sustainable Waste and Resource Management ‘Re-use’ Initiatives:

Tidy Towns Competition 2015
The adjudicator would like to welcome Tinahely to the 2015 National Tidy Towns Competition, your 10th anniversary of taking part. Thank you for the carefully completed entry form. The accompanying hand drawn map was a great help. For next year can you link the map with the list of current projects to aid the adjudicator in their trip around the town? We are delighted to hear that you have maintained your enthusiastic core Tidy Towns committee of 8 members and have more people to help you this year. You seem to enjoy a good relationship with all your schools.
Have you considered forming a junior Tidy Towns committee? By doing this you can harness the energy and enthusiasm of your community’s younger members and use their input to develop new ideas. We note your successful use of Facebook to get your message across. Use this medium to help gain comments from the community for your work as feedback is extremely important for Tidy Towns Groups and helps gain support for your works.
Good luck with progressing all your planned tasks for 2016 and beyond.
You have a number of historic buildings within the village which add so much to its ordered and serene setting especially in the set piece around the Market Square Building. It is great to see the Courthouse getting a new lease of life as the Art Centre. The traditional frontage of Symes is an asset to be protected and the window boxes at Buttercups were lovely. The community buildings in the town were well presented with the Church and its setting admired. The National school was also well presented with the green flag flying proudly in the grounds and the lovely tree mosaic/mural to the wall here noted. We thought, although well maintained, the frontage to the Kare Building opposite the GAA grounds could be enlivened with some pots or plants? The historic building on Bridge Street needs to have the timber rail to the top of the bank repaired. To the other side of town the set piece of the school and church at Kilcommon was much admired. The raised sleeper planters and school garden is obviously well tended. Are works proposed to the car park as traffic cones somewhat spoiled the setting of the historic school building. We loved the wish tree. The playground area is one of the finest we have seen in a number of years using the existing ash tree as a bench support and the slope as a slide run. It was very well maintained and in a perfect spot by the schools.
Colour was provided in the market square by numerous planters which were nicely positioned but you must relocate all hanging baskets attached to live ESB poles. They represent a significant hazard as any unauthorised contact or near contact with the electricity networks can result in serious injury or even death.
The Railway walk and picnic area was visited and the works here are progressing nicely. However the plethora of signs at the entrance to the walk was too much. Try to cut down on the number of signs here or combine where possible. Concentrate on tree planting in the village to establish a landscape setting for future generations. Identify spots for tree planting – avenue, feature trees or copses. Then, as resources become available, you can increase your tree cover, even by planting one or two trees a year, to fit into an overall town tree planting strategy. The specimen tree at the stone monument at the road to the railway walk opposite the hardware stone is an example of a tree that, as it matures, will become a landmark at this junction.
As you are aware networks of wildlife sites are more ecologically valuable than isolated wildlife areas. Where possible create linking corridors by planting, retaining, or even improving hedges, or keeping a strip of long grass along the road verges. Would it be possible to plant a native hedge to the post and wire boundary at Kilcommon national school to be also used as a teaching aid and add to the student’s obvious joy in their outside areas. The Church graveyards are other habitat rich sites and there is advice available on the best management practice for our rural graveyards which could help with your management regimen here. Historic graveyards often contain a rich natural heritage, which may have been relatively undisturbed for years, providing a valuable habitat for insects, birds and mammals. Part of this category is about making sure the community as a whole also appreciates its rural setting and hosting events that celebrate and raise awareness of local species and your beautiful habitats is another option for you. These could be a ‘dawn-chorus’ bird-song count, a bat-walk, tree-planting day, wildflower walk or a talk from an expert starting at the Railway walk.
Once again you presented a tidy village and well done to all involved in the works this year and your weekly litter picks.
Do you take part in the Spring Clean? This is a great national event to be a part of.. On adjudication day there was some litter noted on the school road on the approach to the GAA grounds and play area. There was also some litter noted at the gate to the health centre and at the bank by the lay by at Kilcommon. These no doubt are covered in your clean-up day in May but may need some more regular attention. As you are aware this category is not just about the lack of litter but rather the approaches taken to address the ongoing control of litter. We wonder if the bin by the name stone and bench on the approach from Aughrim on the R747 is required? It was full of black bin bags and looked to be used as a spot for dumping rubbish. In this out of the way location it is vulnerable to being used as a dump and perhaps you could try to remove the bin here and see if this issue can be resolved.
A Green flag was proudly flying at Tinahely National School and we hope your schools participation in the scheme is seen as worthwhile. Build on the success of this scheme to consider events on waste management or composting which are initiatives to be considered under this category. You should contact Wicklow County Council’s Environmental Awareness Officer for help with planning and hosting these as they should be very experienced in this regard. Also, as this is a newly modified section of the competition, you are advised to consult the literature provided by the Tidy Towns Unit on Sustainable Waste & Resource Management and the guidelines in the entry form. In these, you will find many examples of suitable projects and initiatives. For further advice we would also encourage you to visit http://localprevention.ie/tidy-towns/ . The Local Prevention website have added a specific ‘Tidy Towns’ page to their website so you can see what waste prevention projects have been done by other similar groups around the country. There are various case studies to learn from with practical tips, advice, free downloads of brochures etc.
There are a range of residential types in town and once again they were presented to a high standard on adjudication day and your local residents groups have upheld the standard here again this year. The homes along the street at Kevin Street were well presented along such a busy approach to the village. The street would be further enlivened by perhaps some more window boxes here. The hanging baskets at D and J Chambers added a bright dash of colour to this mixed use street where there is no space for front gardens. The bright pots of red planting at the entrance to the Village gate brought some colour to the development. A nice space was created at Pound Lane with the yellow painted pump and surrounding annuals. Grass areas were well maintained at Kilcommon View with the entrance improving in time as the trees here mature. Could climbing shrubs be planted to the block walls to further enhance the entrance. We wish you all the best with strengthening your links with all residents groups in the town.
Generally signage throughout the town was clean and easy to read. Verges on approaches looked well and the
lengths of stone walling bounding your roadways add to the village setting. The name stone in the shrub bed on the approach from Aughrim is looking a little lost amid the maturing shrub bed here. The simple modem Tinahely signs are a nice addition and give the town entry point and their unique design gives the gateways to the town a distinctive feel.
The work the committee has put in to your submission is much appreciated, well done to all involved. You have a lovely town and with a little more structure applied to your projects for the coming years, we see no reason why you shouldn’t progress very well in the competition. Good luck in all your projects for 2016.
 The report for 2015 can be downloaded here: