Tinahely Recycling Centre


A purpose built, and community managed Recycling Centre for the Tinahely and Carnew area is located at Fitzgerald’s Kitchen’s depot at Lugduff, Tinahely, opposite Lugduff Service Station. The Centre operates weekly and its opening hours are as follows;

Tinahely Recycling Centre
Every Thursday and Friday from 10am to 1pm and 2pm to 4pm. Every Saturday from 9am-12 noon.
In addition there will be a once weekly collection from Colaiste Bride School Car Park, Carnew, from 10am to 11.30am on Saturdays. This service will replace, and improve upon, the once monthly Saturday collections from Tinahely and Carnew, previously provided by Wicklow County Council. The centre will accept all normal recyclable materials such as plastics 1 to 4, cardboard, paper and magazines, batteries, electric cabling, light bulbs, glass, aluminum, steel packaging and scrap steel. No domestic waste will be accepted under any circumstances, and CCTV cameras will be in operation. Any violations will be severely dealt with, in accordance to the law, with harsh fines and prosecutions. In addition there will be a clothes bank, and any income raised from this will be donated to South Wicklow Home Care Hospice. Any Tinahely Community Projects Logoadditional income generated by this innovative project, will be used to support Tinahely Community Projects (TCP). TCP run many local projects such as the walking and tourism initiative, the Railway and looped walks, tidy towns and the community website, www.tinahely.ie. This unique community based recycling centre is organised and run by Tinahely Community Projects with the full support and co-operation of Wicklow County Council’s Environmental Section, and staffing resources provided by Community Employment. Please support this exciting venture and help the efficient running of the Centre by bringing your recyclables separated, and ready for placement in the different bins, which will be clearly marked. TCP are confident that this is a positive Community project which will be of enormous benefit to the Tinahely and Carnew areas. The area will now have a three day a week recycling service, compared to one day a month.We look forward to your co-operation and a successful project. RECYCLING CENTRE WARNING!
The continued misuse of our recycling centre by certain individuals could put the entire facility in jeopardy. REMEMBER – IT IS A RECYCLING CENTRE, NOT A DUMP! Please co-operate with these simple rules:
We accept most hard plastics numbered 1-4, (number can be found on the back of the container), ONLY if they have been CLEANED beforehand. Meat and dairy containers that are not cleaned pose a health risk and are not acceptable.Cardboard and paper, is acceptable as long as it is dry and sorted. If our customers throw all their paper into the same bin without sorting it then this creates a problem for the companies that purchase this material.If our valued customers want the centre to remain open then please co-operate with the simple rules that are in place. The centre can only remain viable if Wicklow County Council can pass on our recycled goods.Again, the recycling centre is not a dump. All dumping is an offence and all offenders risk prosecution.

THURSDAY 10am-1pm  2pm-4pm

FRIDAY 10am-1pm  2pm-4pm

SATURDAY 9am to 12noon

Check us out on YouTube: Tinahely Recycling Centre. Well worth a watch!   http://YouTube/tinahelyrecyclingcentre